Be Inspired for new beginnings!

This weekend just passed I was thrilled to attend a Creative Kickoff event in Melbourne with 550 other CTMH consultants. It was amazing! I love the recognition that is at these events too. As I stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting for my name to be called as a new Manager the excitement in the room was electric. I was introduced as “the ever popular Rachel Stribling” how amazing! What an honour! I bounded on stage with a smile with my arms spread for cuddles all round! This recognition is normal! 

Over the weekend we had training on everything and anything. Leaders training, business training, sales training, product training and my favourite hands on training! I made 4 double page layouts, 3 cards, a display frame and a gorgeous mini album using Cricut cuts. I love them all! 

What I ask everyone now is to help me get practice of running new events in your home where we can make pages, cards or off the page projects! They are an hour and a half max and you will reap the rewards! 

I have booking available and would love to share my excitement and range with you!

Have a great day! 


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