Who wants to join a club?

Who wants to join a club?

Whats in it for you?
Free products
Member of a group working on the same kit

How does it work?
Spend each month is $42 (which is a Workshop On The Go Kit)
Club goes for 6 months so it is only a 6 month commitment
Every month a different member of the group will receive all the host benefits including $30 product credit and half priced items if the group qualifies)
You can choose to all meet at my studio to work on the kits or can work independently but you will be aware that on the 28th of every month a purchase is required either through my website www,rachelstribling.ctmh.com or via email crsds@bigpond.com for the next month. 
You complete pages or cards and are inspired and assisted when needed too!

How awesome would that be, so basically it like having a party but you dont need to invite anyone because all the hard work is done for you!!

Vacancies for the next club start July 2014 which will run for the months July to December where you can choose to take a break or rejoin!


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