Childrens Mini Album Kits – Available for school holidays!


Sorry but I will no longer be running childrens school holidays workshops as the rules for working with children have changed in April this year. The normal working with children rules as a volunteer do not cover me anymore and I will need to update the application to include taking a fee to work with children as well as normal police clearance.

I know that many of you love these workshops as much as I have loved working with your children so to eliminate the crazy these holidays I have put together kits which will give your child or the child you love a chance to craft at home. These kits are in the form of a mini book, bound by jump rings. The children can work on the individual pages and then when they are ready add them to the album making it easier for them.

The kits are only $10 each and come with prestamped images and cardstock to use as photo mats through out the book. An instruction guide will also come with the kit giving the children a visual instruction which they are free to change as they feel!

To order a kit fill in the details below. 


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