Take notice of the little things!


I would love to share a personal post with you all.  I have been a scrapbooking/papercraft consultant for about 10 years now and I love it more now than I ever have. 

It’s the incredible lifelong friendships I have with people all over the world and especially those beautiful Sassy Sisters in my team.

Every day as a Mum life can be hard, crazy, busy and tear jerking but each day I have a release. I have a place to be calm and remember how truely amazing my family and friends are.  I can go through my photos and make a page so that my memories and thoughts were out for all to see and to refresh how lucky I am to have a home,  a husband,  children, a dog and some really incredible friends. 

The girls in my Sassy Sisters team are just that… Sassy. We have such a brilliant and inspiring time when we are all together.  The trust we have in each other and respect for each other’s opinions is just lovely to see develop.

I say if you are going to craft, do it with someone you cherish. I am truely blessed to have an amazing team and wonderful friends who each day work together to inspire the world one person at a time!

Have a great day and please stop to take notice of the little things in your life that you cherish! 

Rachel xx


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