Studio Happenings 

Hello friends! 

A fantastic week it was in the studio. If you are new to my blog this is my weekly update of what has been happening in the studio this week.  

I spent the day completing and adding photos to old pages and it felt so good.  Who would have thought a boys birthday party would go so well with Penelope Papers (now deleted). 

Another page layout using Regatta  (now deleted) for a beach excursion for school.  Memories of such a wonderful cold day filled my heart with joy.  

I learnt a little more about Close to my heart. The products are now labelled with acid free as there have been many rumours they are not.  Now there will be no confusion! 

I fell in love with 6×8 page layouts with this cute one about my son and his girls! So easy and affordable to memory keep. I think this will be my new style for all of my favourite photos and memories. 

This week also saw the launch of my Cardapalooza events for this year.  I am really excited about them and sure they will sell out! Book your spot to ensure you don’t miss out.  It will be a great night playing with all the new ranges. 

Yesterday I spent some time finalising my Pokémon Go Kids workshop ready for this Saturday morning and I can’t wait to teach the kids these great cards.  

Have an incredible week and be sure to share with me what you are working on too

Rachel xx 


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