Hello Foxy 

June Newsletter

With the June Newsletter comes changes with one of the workshops.

I will be only offering one day time 3 card workshop each month from hereon unless its a special workshop. This workshop will always be the 1st Tuesday of the month regardless of the time of the year. If it falls on school holidays it will be a workshop and it will be negotiable.

My regular night time 3 card workshop will remain the same as the last Tuesday night of the month. 

My scrapbooking workshop will be the 3rd Friday night of the month as it as been for this year already. 

I would like to offer more parties for you all so you are benefitting from the hostess rewards and of course this helps my business to grow. I would love to hold one at your house soon. We can make a page or a card and there is no cost for this. It is encouraged that your guests purchase to maximise your benefits! We all want free goodies dont we?

Hope these changes are great with you. I advise you copy the image to your device and update your calendar so you are easily able to see whats on and come along to get crafty with me!


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