I feel like I am playing Jenga!! 

Hi everyone I am working through my social media platforms at the moment and gaining clarity. Feels a little like Jenga but I am aiming to make your connection with me much easier. 

My blog, this is it, is to be for inviting you to special events, blog hops and of course inspiration. 

My business Facebook page will no longer advertise events however it will share inspiration and specials. 

My updates group on Facebook will share workshops, events and specials. 

My premade store is where you can book in for events and pay online at http://www.creativeworkshopspremade.ecwid.com 

My website is my Close To My Heart site where you can shop at any home for craft supplies and have then delivered to your door from anywhere in Australia. Let me know if you plan to order over $200 so I can set you up a party where you will get a minimum of $30 free cash to spend! 

My Instagram as always is for the pretties  lots of inspiration! 

And … I am always here for you.  You can email at rachstribling@gmail.com or send a message at any time using any of my social media platforms. 

Happy crafting

Rachel x 


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